Executive Director

Mr. Adelinis has been providing Behavior Analysis services to both children and adults for nearly 15 years and his experience spans many settings and clinical needs. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in 1995, Mr. Adelinis worked for several years at the Neurobehavioral Unit at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a children’s hospital affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

While there Mr. Adelinis specialized in the assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior (e.g., self injury, aggression, pica, etc) while also providing supervision to fellow clinicians. In addition to his clinical responsibilities at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Mr. Adelinis was involved in more than ten research endeavors (including three manuscripts wherein he served as the principle investigator) and at least twenty professional presentations. In 2000 Mr. Adelinis left the Kennedy Krieger Institute to pursue a Masters Degree in Behavior Analysis from the University of South Florida.

While working toward his degree, Mr. Adelinis worked for the Behavior Analysis Service Program (BASP) where his responsibilities included teaching positive behavioral techniques to the caregivers of dependent children and the development of behavior programs in an effort to prevent the placement disruption of children in the foster care system. After earning his Master’s degree, Mr. Adelinis served as the Center Director of a 40-bed group-care facility where he was responsible for daily administrative and clinical duties including the processing of admissions and development of individualized and systemic behavioral programs.

Since 2005 Mr. Adelinis has been a Behavior Analyst for BASS where he has provided community-based behavioral-analytic programming both to adults and children in the North-Central Florida counties.

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