Q: Does my child need an autism diagnosis to receive ABA therapy?

A: ABA therapy isn’t specific to children with autism. However, an autism diagnosis is necessary for your family to receive third-party payment.

Q: What age range of children does BASS serve?

A: We work with children between 18 months and 13 years old. There can be exceptions to this range depending on the situation, but most of the children we work with fall between those ages.

Q: Does my child need to receive ABA therapy or attend preschool?

A: Our ABA therapy programs are designed to help integrate your child into a school setting when that time comes. Our therapy is individualized to help seek growth for your child. The answer to this question can be different for every child, but our programs are designed to help children reach their fullest potential and ease the transition into a school-like atmosphere.

Q: How many hours or days per week should my child receive ABA therapy?

A: The amount of therapy needed depends on the child. We do an assessment when a new child begins at our center before making a recommendation on how many hours of therapy they should receive with us. Many factors play into this assessment. Read more at the bottom of this page: Early Intervention.

Q: Do you provide services that are center-based, home-based or school-based?

A: Our ABA therapy services are fully comprehensive, meaning we will reach your child wherever they need it the most. Our dedicated centers mimic school environments and offer opportunities for group interaction, while always maintaining a 1:1 child-to-therapist ratio.

Home and community-based services are extremely valuable to many children. Comprehensive therapy often means teaching your child across the full spectrum of environments they encounter in their daily lives. We will tailor a teaching plan based on the locations that make the most sense for your child and your family.

BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.