At BASS, we understand the everyday challenges families go through when a child struggles with behavioral, social, or mental disabilities. BASS offers leading ABA therapy programs that help your child learn and succeed.

We serve families throughout the Tampa Bay, including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Largo.

Comprehensive ABA therapy involves studying your child’s specific needs and tailoring a learning program to help them better communicate and enhance positive behavior. Through ABA therapy, your child can learn to communicate, practice good behavior, and increase independence. Our St. Petersburg comprehensive ABA services are sure to help your child grow and develop into a life-long learner.

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“Our son cried the first time we left him there for therapy as he didn’t want to leave me. The second day, he let go of my hand and went back with the therapist without hesitation. That’s when I knew he enjoyed going. We can’t be happier with his progress.”

– Sandra Calhoun

About Our ABA Therapy

At BASS, we work with children of all ages throughout Clearwater and St. Petersburg who are autistic, have behavioral issues, or a mental disability to help them develop fine motor skills, increase independence, and practice good behavior. No matter where your child’s needs lie, BASS evaluates and learns about each and every child to create a plan specifically for them.

We serve children where they need it most, whether in one of our dedicated therapy centers, at home, or out in the community. We believe in transitioning all the children we serve out of therapy and into the wider world. By teaching in the environments children encounter the most in their everyday lives BASS prepares them for a life of higher independence.

Learning Methods

ABA therapy uses two teaching methods in order for your child to learn—Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). Both methods are structured to focus on good behavior in each child. DTI uses more of a structured setting and uses rewards to enhance desired behavior. NET, on the other hand, is less structured and uses environments where the child is most comfortable. This method uses the child’s desired to grow progress in a fast-paced environment.

About BASS

For more than 15 years, BASS has been helping children and their families. Contact us to learn more about ABA therapy in the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas or any of the other areas.

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