BASS offers Comprehensive ABA Therapy across Florida, and now in Orlando!

Since 2003 BASS has focused therapy services on the needs of individual children. We believe being rooted in our communities helps the children we serve to reach their fullest potential. It is this desire to help children grow and thrive that fuels our expansion across Florida in an effort to provide the highest quality–and most effective–comprehensive ABA Therapy to as many children as possible.

Why Choose Comprehensive ABA Therapy with BASS?

Comprehensive ABA therapy increases independence and productivity by using evidence-based practices to address a variety of behavioral needs. Our certified Behavior Analysts achieve results by focusing on the environmental factors that influence behavior and using these insights to encourage desired behaviors. From structured settings like our centers to more “everyday” environments at home or on the playground, BASS reaches children where they need it most.

Comprehensive ABA therapy helps children thrive and live more independently by teaching them the tools needed to respond across a variety of environments. By focusing on the skills required for daily life, we help children and young adults transition out of therapy and into the wider world.

BASS offers ABA therapy services in a variety of settings to most fully serve each child:

  • Center-based therapy
  • Community-based therapy
  • In-home therapy
  • In-school therapy

Comprehensive ABA Therapy in Orlando, FL

Comprehensive ABA therapy by BASS is completely individualized to each child we serve. No two treatment plans are alike, just as no two children are alike. At BASS, we know that ABA therapy is an essential step in preparing your child for the rest of their lives and that results matter. We go to great lengths to ensure that every child gets the services they need, in the setting that best suits their long-term goals.

Our comprehensive services go much further than simply treating each child we serve. Caregivers and families play a significant role in determining the success of our service, and comprehensive therapy offers unique opportunities to include family members as part of the larger treatment plan. Our certified Behavior Analysts help parents, siblings, and caregivers become part of the support solutions that will allow children to thrive in their daily lives.

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