A Personal Touch

Our priority is to make sure the personal touch with our clients never leaves. You are not just another client to us. Our accessibility and flexibility to accommodate families is what has built a strong reputation for our centers, growing relationships with the families of our communities since 2003. Your child means more to us than simply leading them through the ABA therapy methods we use to teach. Our science-based methodology is aimed at progress for the children, and we never lose sight of the families we serve.

Our organization is built around establishing and maintaining strong client relationships. Our support comes through our services, but that is only part of our organization’s design. The children we work with become part of our extended family, and we take joy in watching them grow and develop through ABA therapy. The deep roots we continue to build in our communities allow us to watch children from different functioning levels grow through our program and continue to progress.


Our relationships with families are built on more than only communicating with them while dropping off or picking up a child. It’s about keeping our clients updated on their child’s progress and development, as well as continually building a comfort level with clients that makes them feel a part of our BASS family.


Our services are based on the needs of our clients, and we are constantly growing, changing and investing back into the organization to make sure those needs are best met. Whether it’s finding improved teaching material or more in-depth curriculum, the top priority is to make sure the children we teach have everything necessary to develop to the best of their capabilities. Our organization has continued to grow since 2003 because of our goal to better serve clients’ needs and the results they have seen.

BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.