Liz Johnson: “BASS has truly been the best thing to ever happen to our little girl and our family. When she started at BASS many years ago, she was completely non-verbal. Within a few months of starting therapy, she spoke her first words. They have patiently taught her to no longer self injure, to use the potty, to speak, to write, to read and even to swim. When my little girl goes to therapy, she goes with a smile. She knows she is loved there. BASS sends a therapist home with her everyday. They make sure that what she learns at therapy transfers to our home. We have taken an amazing parenting class offered by BASS. That class taught us so much about the proper techniques to parent our children through positive interaction. BASS is there through every challenge we have.

“They celebrate every small step forward and battle every step back. I cannot begin to imagine where we would be without their guidance, support and love. This team has changed our lives, and most importantly, given our little girl a voice and a place when she can be herself. I simply cannot imagine a better place for my little girl. I am truly thankful every day that my daughter has a second family at BASS. We could spend a million dollars on therapists and never find a group that would love and accept our child so completely.”

Misty McCauley: “Our overall experience with BASS has been life changing. We have seen our daughter blossom into this beautiful girl who has come out of her shell. She started BASS basically with no interaction with others and not talking. She wandered around aimlessly. She is now able to communicate her wants and needs with us, she is playful, she babbles a lot and she is just more “with it” in general. We love all the progress that our daughter Georgia has made. I would recommend BASS to anyone considering ABA services 1,000 times over. We couldn’t ask for a better clinic for our daughter.

“BASS has made us feel like part of their family from day one. Meeting with Executive Director John Adelinis that very first day was incredible. He wanted to make sure Georgia received the help she so desperately needed. Every day that Angela was at the front desk, she asked how Georgia was doing and also about my son. They went above and beyond for my family. They didn’t originally take our insurance, but at once set about getting set up with our insurance so they could start services with our daughter. When my husband deployed, BASS was there to make sure we had everything we needed, they asked about Sean weekly and just made sure our family was surviving. I will always feel like BASS is my second family.

“Georgia has made much progress while we were at BASS. She started saying a few words, she is pointing, she grabs our hands and “leads” us around to what she wants/needs. She started potty training and is making a lot of progress towards becoming independent. She is much more interactive with her environment. Her eye contact has exploded. She answers to her name, she listens more than she used to. We are very pleased with all the progress that Georgia has made.”


Robin Edwards: “We have loved BASS from the minute we met John. He was excellent at explaining the services and answering all of my questions. I will admit that at first I was still skeptical, but they have proven themselves and the methods they use. I always feel welcomed at BASS. I can honestly say that all of the staff I have met and been in contact with are friendly and smiling. Even the therapists that are not directly involved with my son(s) say hi and greet us by name. Mary always takes the time to ask how we’re doing and stays on top of things! I even have a picture of John helping my son at a Surfers for Autism event where he had a booth set up. He didn’t hesitate to jump in the water, volunteer with the group and help teach my son how to surf! More importantly, they listen! You never feel unimportant or like what your saying is silly and unreasonable.

“BASS has helped save my son from receiving a “violent kid” label at his old school.  He had developed behaviors from a negative classroom and up until that point had always been happy and willing to get along. They were able to get him to stop spitting when he gets mad, stop screaming when he doesn’t feel like working, successfully feed himself and develop communication using his Proloquo app on his iPad. That’s only the beginning. They accomplished more in the few years he’s been there than all the years of other therapies we did combined! He has a rare genetic disorder and a unique set of circumstances that very few people have had the patience with, but they take in stride and with joy at the challenges he presents.

Sandra Calhoun: “We chose BASS for ABA therapy for our son due to its reputation. BASS came highly recommended by a few parents that we have met. Our son cried the first time we left him there for therapy as he didn’t want to leave me. The second day, he let go of my hand and went back with the therapist without hesitation. That’s when I knew he enjoyed going.

“BASS makes us feel like family. When we walk in the door everyone greets my son by his name. When I was having issues at home, the therapist came to my house to observe and give recommendations. When my son doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. I ask him “do you want to see Mary?” He jumps out of bed and says “Mary!” My son’s language has blossomed since we started at BASS. He is saying his wants and needs instead of screaming until we figured it out. He is playing with the other kids. We can’t be happier with his progress.”

St. Petersburg

Diana Alzate: “BASS has had an incredibly positive impact on our lives overall. The therapy has resulted in noticeable changes in my daughter’s attitude and behavior, and we found the sessions highly effective. Courtney and all the therapist are very compassionate. You can see her dedication and love for all the kids.

“When I drop of my daughter, Courtney always come out to greet me with the best attitude and that really makes me feel that my child is in a safe environment where she is going to be treated with compassion and love. Her anxiety levels have improved tremendously. She has learned how to ask for things without getting aggravated, her eye contact has improved and her tantrums have diminished.”


Kimberly Bruehl: “The entire BASS staff has been wonderful. From our very first meeting, Jessica was extremely helpful at getting ABA approval from our insurance. After our daughter’s diagnosis, we found the whole process confusing and difficult to navigate. BASS made the experience painless and easy.

“Our daughter is excited to go to BASS every morning, and I know she is safe and loved by everyone there. We are sent little updates, videos and pictures randomly through the day. It’s amazing to see our daughter thriving and happy. Our daughter was completely non-verbal when she started BASS. She now has about a dozen words, but beyond just speech, she is much better at communicating her wants and needs. Her eye contact has improved dramatically and she is much more engaged in general. She’s more affectionate and social. We’re so excited to see what another year brings.”

Melissa Zachman: “BASS has been an absolute blessing for my family! Jessica, Amanda and Chelsea are all so wonderful with my son. Coming from an in-home therapy setting where I was present at all times to a clinical type setting where you drop your child and leave, it was a bit nerve-racking at first. But after meeting Jessica and Chelsea, any apprehension I had was gone and I knew they were a great match for my son and family.

“From the first meeting with members of BASS, I could feel the passion and dedication to the children they work with. They have always made me feel as though my child’s success was their priority and that my son is not just another child they work with. The feeling you get of being one big family is not something that can be put into words, rather something that needs to be experienced, which is what you get with the great group of people they have.

“Before coming to BASS, Wil was continuously getting sent home with negative reports from school for not staying on task. Chelsea and Amanda have worked hard to help Wil with following directions, staying on task and working more independently. The hard work is paying off as positive reports are the norm now and rarely do we get a negative one. He has also made great strides socially, especially with peers, learning to play with others and age-appropriate social skills. Having other children there has helped teach valuable socializing that he might not get otherwise.”

BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.