Our Story

Behavior Analysis Support Services, Inc. (BASS) was established in 2003 and was built on Behavior Analysts’ passion to serve the needs of children and families seeking answers. Since its inception, BASS has worked tirelessly to ensure that the children it serves reach their potential. In fact, it’s this continuing effort that is directly responsible for the expansion of BASS throughout the state of Florida with intensive ABA centers specifically arranged to serve the needs of families.

Our 16 certified Behavior Analysts and 70 Training Specialists across four centers serve as the front lines, using individualized programming every day to ensure we generate the best outcomes, all the while doing so in a manner that makes our families comfortable and involved in the process. Our centers are arranged to perfectly construct your child’s treatment plan with expert teachers that maintain a keen eye on the child’s needs from the moment they arrive at our center until the moment they leave. The 1-to-1 ratio of therapist-to-child in our centers promotes an individualized teaching approach that will produce the outcomes that you are wanting for your child.

We are passionate about the children and families we serve. We are family-owned and family-focused, striving daily to find solutions that make clients more comfortable in our centers. The recommendation of ABA therapy can be uncertain for children and their family members, but at our centers, the goal is to be candid about the process and what can be done to help your child reach their maximum potential.

The hard part is over. With us, you are home.

BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.