If your child has behavioral, social, or mental disabilities, you are not alone. We understand sometimes you may feel alone, helpless, or at a loss on how to discipline and understand your child. That is where ABA therapy can help.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) involves the use of evidence-based practices to address a variety of behavioral needs in an effort to improve productivity and increase independence. Through ABA therapy, we can use studied methods to help your child communicate and enhance positive behavior.

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How ABA Therapy Works

ABA therapy uses teaching methods proven by science and studies to help your child behave and act independently. Whether your child is autistic, has behavioral issues, or a mental disability, ABA therapy can get evaluate where your child needs improvement and create an action plan to get him or her there.

ABA therapy uses two popular teaching methods. In both of these methods, the therapist will use positive reinforcements to reward your child with good behavior in hopes he or she will repeat that positive behavior. We will also analyze your child’s specific needs to create a plan specific to your child and his or her needs.

The sooner your child begins undergoing ABA therapy, the greater the outcome will be for their development. Early intervention is a crucial part to the process and has proven a positive impact. Click here to learn when your child should begin ABA therapy. 

ABA Therapy Teaching Methods

Our behavioral specialists use two teaching methods for ABA therapy.

  1. Discrete Trial Instruction
  2. National Environment Teaching

Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI)

DTI teaching uses a structured environment to help your child learn and adapt to a structured setting—such as school, church, or appointments. During these teaching sessions, children work with a certified therapist to overcome small tasks to enhance and build targeted skills. These skills could include raising a hand in a classroom or forming questions through speech or sign language.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

NET is a method many ABA therapists use to help children learn using items which are motivating the child. For example, the therapist may use a favorite doll to help a child enhance their verbal and listening skills. NET allows children to learn and play in a comfortable environment.

ABA Teaching Methods

Both teaching methods provide a child with behavioral, social, or mental disabilities with a foundation for learning and achieving. These methods are tested and have been proven to help with the success of a child. For more information on ABA therapy teaching methods in Port Orange, FL, contact BASS today.

About BASS and ABA Therapy Services in Port Orange

Behavior Analysis Support Services, Inc. (BASS) was established in 2003 and was built on Behavior Analysts’ passion to serve the needs of children and families seeking answers. Through our mission, we have provided families throughout the central Florida area, including Port Orange, an opportunity to enhance their child’s ability to be independent and learn through ABA therapy. We have seen first-hand a child who could not speak, communicate and interact with family for the first time.

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BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.