ABA Therapy in Ocala, FL

Formed in the 1980s, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy focuses on behavior. Since 2003, Behavioral Analysis Support Services, Inc. (BASS) has provided ABA therapy to children and families across Florida. ABA therapy is a great solution for children with autism, behavioral issues, or mental disabilities.

ABA therapy utilizes evidence-based practices to encourage independence and productivity. This method focuses less on why the behavior occurs and more on how we can improve behavior. ABA therapy focuses on producing measurable changes.

To learn more about ABA therapy in Ocala, Florida, contact BASS today. Our talented team of behavioral analysts and training specialists work hard to ensure results for you and your family.

What ABA Therapy Does

ABA therapy applies behavioral principles to everyday situations. The language, self-help, and play skills children learn in therapy translate well to structured environments children often find themselves in, like church, school, etc. ABA therapists collect data based on responses to different ABA methods and analyze the data to come up with the best plan for each individual.

The ABA method of therapy focuses on the positives. Therapists will reward your child for good behavior with positive reinforcements in hopes that your child will then repeat the good behavior. This method works best with early intervention, so it’s important to get started as soon as possible.

Results may not happen overnight, but ABA therapy will ensure they come. ABA therapy is a step-by-step process, but factors such as level of functioning, age, and others impact the speed those steps are reached.

ABA Therapy Methods

Our therapy stresses Verbal Behavior Programming. We address and encourage each child’s language and communication skills. Our goal is for our learners to be expressive in whatever way they are capable of, whether it’s through voice, sign language, picture-card exchange, or a speech-generating device. We strive for vocal communication, but ultimately we want our learners to be functional and independent in whatever way the can.

We combine two ways of teaching, Discrete Trial Instruction (DTI) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET), to create results.

DTI uses a more structured environment to work on targeted skills broken up into small, achievable tasks. High preference objects reward desired behavior, and incorrect responses receive feedback before moving on to the next prompt.

Less structured than DTI, NET occurs in the child’s environment and does not necessarily have a pre-set plan. NET makes use of whatever the child is playing with at the time to help them learn. This method uses the child’s desires to grow progress in a fast-paced environment.

BASS and ABA Therapy in Ocala

Behavior Analysis Support Services, Inc. (BASS) began in 2003. Since inception, we have channeled our passion for helping children to promote growth in children and their families. We use different pieces to accomplish our goal of helping every child we serve become ready to attend school.

To learn more about ABA therapy in Ocala, give us a call or contact us online. A BASS staff member will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how we can help.

BASS is committed to improving the life and well-being of your family.